We are currently looking for someone with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics to join our team of specialists. The open position takes place in an active rehab and gym setting and includes hands-on training in our unique approach to functional conditioning for various types of special populations, from elite athletes to individuals with a broad range of medical conditions. The position will lead into a full-time career opportunity with our growing business.

Applicant MUST:
- Be an avid participant in fitness and/or sport
- Have well-developed social skills with a positive attitude
- Be eligible for BCAK membership

Valuable Assets (not mandatory):
- BCAK Membership
- Experience with weight training
- Experience with clinic work as a kinesiologist
- Experience working with chronic pain and injuries
- Experience with high performance strength and conditioning
- An exceptional sense of humour ;)

We're looking for someone with a positive attitude that can add to the easy-going culture within our company. Please send resume to with subject line "Kin Position".