Our clients are our biggest advocates. From young to old, physically elite to sedentary or injured, we've worked with upwards of 1,200 individuals with all types of health and fitness related goals.

Andrea Dahlen
Abbotsford, BC
October 2018

As a busy mom of two I couldn’t dream of making time for myself and working out.... but somehow my mother in law convinced me to try just once a week where she attended at Core. I was pleasantly surprised that they tailored my workouts exactly to what my weak areas were. My diastasis recti (seperation of my abs) made my lower back ache and I was constantly asking my husband for massages that only gave me temporary relief at best. I also had major pelvis problems post partum and could barely stand up which holding my baby. As I continued my weekly workouts, I could feel myself get stronger and within a month my back pain was gone. It motivated me to eat healthier and continue strengthening my body so that I could do the everyday physical demands of being a mom of a toddler and baby but also mentally made me stronger as well. I am so glad that I took the time and made it work at Core with their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Lyndene Janzen
Abbotsford, BC
September 2018

I struggled with chronic low back pain for 20 years, starting as a teenager, and exacerbated by 2 car accidents, a physically demanding job, and 4 pregnancies and 4 CSections in 6 years. I lived with daily pain and the constant fear of not being able to care for myself or my family, as I could strain my back at any time and end up on the couch or in the hospital for days at a time.

Countless therapies and treatments over the years never brought about any long lasting change. Until I started at CORE. Within 3 weeks of training with Tom and his team, I no longer had low back pain. Now 15 weeks in, I can hike and bike with my kids, I can handle the strain of 12 hour shifts at work, and I no longer have daily pain! I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and chose to start active rehab at CORE. I know I will only get stronger and healthier and it is so exciting to look to my future and finally have hope and trust in my own body.

Dr. Munawar Sabir
Orthopedic Surgeon, Ageing and Family Medicine
Abbotsford, BC
July 2018

Each day as we age and with the demands of daily living and the use of automobile our physical activities decrease and our bodily functions diminish proportionately without us knowing till a time comes when our muscles, joints and mind do not function as they once did. Our each action and movement sends a stimulus to our brain which in turn energizes each of our body function that delays such deterioration. Active daily exercise stimulates the nervous system that in turn energizes muscle, bone, joints, mind, memory, and enzymes. Over the years, this prevents weakness of muscles, joints, loss of memory, dementia, depression, loneliness and despondency.

We are lucky that we have Core Fitness & Rehab in Abbotsford. This facility is staffed by university trained musculoskeletal specialists in Kinesiology who assess your physical capability and provide one to one rehabilitation and remedial exercises for both young and old for those who want to remain fit and also for seniors who fear age related ailments.

Core and cardiovascular exercises prevent physical ailments, memory loss, depression, and immobility that improve flexibility of both body and mind.

For the services that Core Fitness & Rehab provides the health benefits that you derive from them, and the satisfaction that you get afterwards, the cost is affordable.

Humans require fresh air, sunshine, nutrition, spirituality and exercise to survive. Core provides training for physical activity that incentivizes a person into a lifetime of discipline of active daily living.

Laura Ness
Delta, BC
January 2018

After having a stroke in 2014 and suffering from temporary left side paralysis, I was slowly getting my strength back. However, due to over compensating with my right side, I had severe pain shooting through my right knee whenever I knelt down to the floor. I spoke to Tom McAleese about it and decided to give Core Fitness a try on a twice a week rehab program. I had a fear of pushing myself too hard because of the stroke but the staff were so compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable that they put me at ease. With humor and compassion they have pushed me physically and mentally. The pain in my knee is completely gone now and my strength, energy, and balance are improving steadily. The staff at Core have shown me what I never knew I was capable of accomplishing.

IMG_0607(1) (1).jpg

Angela S.
Langley, BC
April 2017

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward Core for giving me my life back. I had spent two years with severe pain in my shoulder, neck and arm. It would subside at times but never be completely gone. At one point I spent two months lying on the floor for most of the day and I rarely slept well. I had tried painkillers, anti-inflammatories, was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, and did many sessions of physiotherapy. Nothing relieved my pain. After a recommendation from a co-worker, I called Core.

After one month of attending Core, the pain was significantly reduced. After a couple of months it was gone. Now, six months later, I am still completely pain free. Every day I realize that I can do something that I was unable to do for two years. I happily travel from Langley twice a week to attend my workouts. I have gone from attending for pain relief to improving my overall fitness.

Harvey Toews
Abbotsford, BC
February 2017

I decided it was my time to get fit. Having a lifetime of chronic back pain I wanted something other than medication or surgery to finally end my pain. I was always a little nervous about health and fitness clubs but the Core staff are amazing: they taught me how to build core strength. I'm on a new routine for life that has taken away all my back pain! I've gone from constant back pain to pain free for the first time in years!

Cindy Corke
Abbotsford, BC
January 2017

I was injured in a car accident and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a mid back injury. The Dr prescribed me gabapentin and other medications to try to help my pain. After a year and a half of trying to get better, I was the worst I could ever be. I lost so much weight you could see most of my bones. I could barely walk 1.5 blocks to my daughters school.

I made the choice on my own for my family and my own sake, to get off all medications. I also started going to sessions at Core. At first it was excruciating even though what I was doing didn’t seem like much and I missed several appointments due to my flare ups. But I never gave up and they never gave up on me, I even received phone calls to make sure I was ok. I made it through so well and successfully that I was able to move on with the tools, support and knowledge after 2 years, to continue on my own. I am still unable to do some sports, but I feel like I have control of my life. I can get up everyday, my flare ups are much more manageable and I rarely ever take tylenol or advil. They have changed my life. I am not like how I used to be before my accident, but I can be happier with getting better bit by bit. I owe them my life for supporting me through the toughest of times.

Eric Martel
Abbotsford, BC
April 2016

I have been training with Core Fitness and Rehab for the last couple of years. I really wanted to make the next step in my sport of Water Polo and knew that I needed some very specific strength training. Other family members of mine had trained with Core in the past so I knew that I would be training with the best. 

My goal last year was to make the 17U Youth Pan Am Water Polo Team for Canada. The crew at Core modified my program to give me an explosive edge for my tryouts last summer. This definitely helped as I was selected as one of 13 players to represent Canada at the 2015 Youth Pan Am Championships in Kingston, Jamaica where we won a Bronze medal and qualified Canada for the 2016 World Championships in Montenegro.

The exposure that I have received playing for Canada helped me secure a National Letter of Intent to play for the University of California Davis NCAA Div 1 team this fall. I don’t believe I would have had the success that I have without the excellent training that I have received over the last couple of years at Core. Not only has my strength increased dramatically but I haven’t had to deal with any injuries because of their training methods.

Thank you to everyone at Core for your support and helping me realize my goals. 

Ryan Hipwell
Chilliwack, BC
January 2016

After suffering from a herniated disc, I experienced constant pain for years. I was miserable due to a lack of sleep from the pain and not being able to perform at work. I grew even more frustrated with the fact that no one could help me get rid of the pain. Eventually, both my doctor and physiotherapist told me surgery was my only option. After a close friend adamantly suggested that this place in Abbotsford would without a doubt help me resolve my issues using exercise rehab, I decided to check it out before resorting to surgery.

After spending one hour with a specialist at Core, they informed me that they had been successful treating the same issues with many previous clients and that surgery would not be necessary. They even said that they had treated individuals whose issues were only made worse by the same surgery that I would be getting. I had undergone many different treatments over previous months with no results, so I was of course skeptical. But they seemed quite knowledgeable so I decided to give it a chance.

After training in the active rehab program at Core for only a matter of weeks, my pain levels decreased more than after any other treatment I had sought out over the previous 2 years. Now, months later, my doctor can’t believe the results of my new MRI and the surgery is no longer necessary. The pain has subsided and I’m able to do the heavy lifts in the gym that I thought I never would again and I no longer have to worry about whether or not my back can handle it before doing something active.

I encourage anyone who is suffering from chronic pain to go and chat with the team at Core. You can count on them for reliable advice. They are the most genuine of people and if they say they can help you, they will.

Phoebe Lindenbach
Abbotsford, BC
November 2015

My name is Phoebe, I am sixteen and I am a competitive dancer at Dance in Motion. A few years ago I began to feel discomfort in my feet, knees and hips. This discomfort slowly escalated into becoming a consistent pain I was having difficulty controlling. I was working with a physiotherapist and a chiropractor on a regular basis, but the adjustments were only providing temporary relief. In the interest of finding a more long term solution I began looking into personal trainers not only to relieve pain but to also build a stronger foundation for my dancing. I began attending different gyms and trainers, but the pain did not subside and my main areas of weakness were not targeted as best as I thought they could be.

After driving past Core Fitness on my way to school everyday I finally decided to go in and take a look. I was instantly impressed with the equipment and amount of members that were working out. The staff at Core Fitness are inarguably the best. They are so welcoming, supportive and care so much for your well being. Having them oversee all your work is also beneficial because you don’t have to worry about doing an exercise incorrectly. The owner Tom, is one of the best trainers ever! They create the most effective workouts based on areas that need to be improved or areas that will help to heal your injuries. One of my favourite components that Core Fitness offers is home workouts. These workouts you learn under supervision of a Core trainer during one of your scheduled sessions, but you are then able to take these workouts home, or to the recreation centre to work on. This is one of my favourite things about Core because not only do I get incredible workouts there, but I also get to continue rehab outside the gym.

After attending Core Fitness and Rehab for about seven months I have seen an amazing improvement in my recovery as well as in overall strength. There is such a noticeable difference between when I started at Core to where I am now, and I owe it all to Core. Thank you so much! Becoming a member at Core has truly changed my life.

Langley, BC
September 2015

I suffered with a lower back injury for nearly 3 years before coming to Core Fitness. I slipped on a wet pool deck and twisted my spine. I was in such pain that everyday tasks such as opening doors, and even getting dressed, were painful. I saw doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, etc. You name it, I tried it. But not only could they not diagnose me properly, their advice only worsened my pain. My MRI, I was told, didn’t show much.

After seeing so many that couldn’t help, I was skeptical when a colleague recommended Core Fitness to me. I had already tried exercises. But if I’ve learning anything, it’s that when rehabilitating an injury the exercises must be chosen extremely carefully so as not to cause more harm. The staff at Core Fitness were the only ones who knew how to do this for me. They began with a detailed evaluation (head to toe) of my body movements and alignment to determine the problem. Then they designed a very specific and step-wise program for me. To my great surprise, I was dancing at my best friend’s wedding after only one month! Now a year later, I’m doing things I thought I’d never be able to do again, and without pain!

It’s difficult to put into words my enormous gratitude for the staff at Core Fitness, because they’ve literally given me back my life. I hope this helps someone else who is living in pain decide to give Core Fitness a try, because I truly believe they can help.

Victor Thiessen
Abbotsford, BC
July 2015

After a workplace accident, I began rehabilitation in August of 2014 at Core Fitness and Rehab in Abbotsford. I'm grateful to have gained mobility way beyond my wildest dreams. The staff at Core Fitness are qualified and experienced with every aspect of rehabilitation. Their expertise in guiding me to reach results that often surprise me and are beyond anything the doctor's expected me to ever experience again, is encouraging. Thanks Tom and thank you Cetta, my kinesiologist, for your compassion and wisdom. You are at the right place at the right time.

Cameron Ritchie
Abbotsford, BC
July 2015

Core Fitness and Rehab have been a blessing!

I was in a severe motor vehicle accident at the end of January. In my accident I received injuries which caused nerve damage to the point where I could not feel a large portion of my left upper body. Many muscles were torn and twisted out of shape. The doctors did a great job on my surgery, in which they sewed my neck muscles and nerve cluster back into place. Though, due to the extent of my injury I was faced with the possibility of being handicapped on my left side. I started at first with the basic physio as we all know. But was not getting the results I knew I needed to get back to work and follow my passion in the concrete industry.

In March I had gone down to Core Fitness and asked for their help. And help is what I got. After an assessment by the specialists at Core the extra boost in confidence I needed to overcome this injury was back at full steam! After 4 weeks of exercises and stretches designed to promote proper healing I was well on my way back!

My doctor had an appointment set up ASAP with a neurologist after my injury to see what they could do with surgery to fix the nerve damage. A few weeks after going in for active rehab at Core I had my appointment with the neurologist. With the severity of my injuries and the short time it had been from the accident he was completely shocked at the progression I had made. The neurologist said that at the rate I was healing from the time of my injury there was going to be no need for further surgery! 

Months after my injury I was back on pursuing my career and I am now strong enough again to continue with the concrete industry. This is exactly what I have been doing. Not to mention that in that time I have lost 10 lbs of fat, increased my strength to better then it was before my injury, and have also made some great new friends.

Brett Michaud
Abbotsford, BC
June 2015

I started at Core Fitness and Rehab in the summer of 2013 after suffering numerous injuries from soccer and having knee surgery to repair torn cartilage. The surgery did little to remedy the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. Consequently, I decided to let the trainers at Core see if they could find a solution. That choice was arguable the best decision I have made in terms of my overall health, both physical and mental. It has made such an impact that now my entire family attends as well.

I had tried many gyms in the past and usually ended up losing motivation due to the lack of community or succumbing to minor aches, pains and injuries that occur when ones’ mechanics are not sound. Core is unlike any other gym I have attended. There is always a trainer on hand watching your every move to ensure that your positioning is correct and that further injury is unlikely. Should a muscle tweek occur, the staff is highly knowledgeable at remedying the problem so that you can resume your training as quickly as possible. As a result, I am stronger than I have ever been and feel years younger. Most importantly, the pain is gone!

Arguably the best thing about Core is the staff. The owners have done an amazing job assembling top-notch trainers who are not only extremely knowledgeable, but are also very friendly and inviting. Never have I interacted with such a supportive group of people who genuinely care for your well-being and take a personal interest in you. Going to the gym is like hanging out with supportive friends who want nothing more than for you to succeed. Thank you Tom, Shane, Matt, Concetta, Christine and Julia for all you have done for my family and me. Your dedication to our health and well-being has surpassed what I thought was realistically imaginable.

Tessa Isaak
Chilliwack, BC
June 2015

I first heard about Core Fitness and Rehab from my Physio Therapist who suggested I start a rehabilitation program with Core. A program that would help strengthen my body and weak muscles which would hopefully reduce my pain.

I started going to Core in December of 2014 and I have never regretted the decision. I was involved with ICBC at this time and with the help of my family doctor and Tom (the Owner at Core) I was able to get the cost covered under my claim. Over the past months I have gained knowledge about the importance of consistent exercise and strength training. I look forward to my workouts each week as the staff are very supportive and encouraging, they know what they are talking about and really care about you. I have never had a good experience in a ‘gym setting’ before, but since I started coming to core they really make you feel like family. My back pain had lessened and I am starting to see the changes that Core is making on my life. I have more endurance to continue living an active, healthy life style. I have had an excellent experience with Core Fitness and I tell everyone I know who is struggling with health issues and pain about their rehab program. I believe that this program will help many people to overcome physical issues due to car accidents, or who have reoccurring pain and weak muscles. These people know what they are talking about and they really do care about helping you on your journey as you grow stronger and start taking steps to improve your quality of living. Keep doing what you are doing!

Caroline B
Abbotsford, BC
May 2015

I would recommend Core Fitness & Rehab to anyone who wants to improve their health.

My full-time job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day. I’ve always made sure I kept active outside of work (i.e. the usual 3 times a week at the gym as well participating in different sports weekly). However, when I turned 40, physical ailments started to persist instead of going away like they used to - with some rest, ibuprofen or a few yoga stretches. They were quickly accumulating: plantar fasciitis, “frozen” shoulder and tendonitis in elbow and wrist. The worst was the debilitating lower back pain. I could not sleep.

I sought relief with: acupuncture, physiotherapy, intense massage therapy, multiple chiropractic treatments, meditation, orthotics, nutritional supplements and self-help books. I felt sporadic improvements but was never fully functional or sleeping well. I even consulted a rheumatologist; but arthritis was ruled out. I was seriously considering seeking a prescription for stronger pain medication. I was very reluctant to become part of the ever growing population caught in this vicious addiction. That’s when a co-worker suggested Core Fitness & Rehab. They had helped him with nagging neck issues a few years back; he continued going to maintain a better overall fitness level.

I had my full assessment done, received my first personalized routine and started weekly rehab sessions last year. I was also given some specific exercises to do at home. After 5 weeks, I felt significant improvements and started sleeping a bit better. After approximately 10 weeks, my life changed completely. I’ve been going for 5 months now and my body feels great. I’m turning 43 this fall and haven’t felt so young, strong, toned and energetic in a long time. I keep telling myself this is too good to be true. I am so grateful to be free of pain, with no need for medication.

I look forward to every session. I find the kinesiologist I work with extremely professional, knowledgeable, generous, and supportive. Everybody there is pleasant. From personal experience and from what I observed: they maximize your efforts and time spent on tailored exercise routines to get the most results safely. I see people of all ages and levels. Some just starting to get their mobility back, others elite athletes wanting to increase performance.

Thank you Core Fitness & Rehab team! This was my best ‘investment in myself’ ever. I hope you continue the great work you do for years to come.

Meena Bolla
Abbotsford, BC
June 2014

My chiropractor referred me to Core Fitness & Rehab with great expectations that they would help me heal from my injuries from my car accidents. Undoubtedly, within two months, my injuries were less susceptible to causing me the daily pain that I had been having for a year. Core created a strategic workout plan that catered to my needs and helped me focus on strengthening my muscles. The knowledge of the staff is evident with the attention they pay to every detail, ensuring every member that they are in the right hands. My experience with Core has resulted in such a positive outcome that I would happily refer anyone and encourage people of all ages to try. The combination of an excellent atmosphere and friendly staff creates the perfect environment for anyone to get started today.

Amber Hughes
Abbotsford, BC
June 2014

In 2009 I injured my neck and back in a car accident. I had issues with nerve pain throughout my body and I knew that I had weaknesses that needed to be strengthened. I spoke with my physiotherapist and he recommended that I see the specialists at Core Fitness & Rehab.

After just a couple of weeks of active rehab training at Core, I started to feel changes in my body and now after 11 weeks the issues caused by the car accident have improved dramatically. I always trust that the training I do at their health club is ideal for my specific needs and will help me maintain a high level of fitness. I would really recommend Core Fitness & Rehab not just to those that need to rehab an injury but also to anyone looking for any type of customized fitness program.

Darrel Rigden
Chilliwack, BC
May 2014

I came to the Core Club after being discharged from WCB's care. I was not in very good condition at that time. The Core Club's methods differ from WCB's standard exercises done too often for a standard injury, in that they (the Core Club) test your entire body to find out exactly what is not functioning well. They understand that there are repercussions to a given injury that may vary from person to person, and injury to injury. After they know all of the issues you're facing, a plan tailored to your needs is created and changed as you improve. This seems to me to be the best way to go about this.

The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, in short professional. I have to say I was very pleased with my experience and positive results I had, and will if ever hurt again will definitely come back.

Carolyn Pera
Abbotsford, BC
May 2014

After learning more about the importance of regular exercise, and considering my growing age-related (68) health problems (diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, sleep apnea), my daughter suggested that I join her at Core Fitness & Rehab.  She always does her homework and had done a thorough investigation of gyms, spas, and rehab before settling on Core.  Personally, I am really impressed at their thoroughness, professionalism, knowledge and support for the 5 months that I have been attending and still look forward to each session (no kidding!!).  In these five months, I have: regained my balance, stamina, endurance, lost inches, improved bone density (16%), improved memory and more.  Thanks Tom, Julia, Concetta, Matt and everyone. You are a great team.

Rose Loewen
Abbotsford, BC
March 2014

I'm 48 years old and over the last three years I have had two back surgeries.  Due to having back issues and recovering from the surgeries my mobility was very limited.  I felt extremely week and was nervous about doing something that would injury my back again.  My husband had suggested I try core fitness since he had gone for two years and had amazing results.  I started going six months ago and love how they have walked me through a gradual approach to strengthening and building up my muscles again.  I have felt challenged and I'm feeling stronger than I ever was before my surgery.  In February I hiked 1200 feet into the Grand Canyon!

Don De Beyer
Abbotsford, BC
December 2013

I have been working out at Core Fitness and Rehab for the past 3 years. During that time I have increased my strength and endurance. I am active and enjoy a variety of summer and winter sports. After visiting Core I am able to enjoy these activities more. Core Fitness and Rehab's program has given me consistently excellent results and has proven to me that a regular gym membership (which I have had in the past) is not the best route to success for me. Before starting with Core I was seeing a Chiropractor regularly to help with neck pain from a car accident. Core has increased my strength and my neck does not bother me like before. I would recommend to anyone who is wanting a friendly atmosphere without pressure to try Core Fitness and Rehab.

In addition, for the past 5 years I have been studying under Tom the Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan at the Fraser Valley School of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi (located at Core). Tai Chi offers a host of benefits such as improving your focus, memory, co-ordination and health. Tai Chi is much more than slow movements and this school teaches the complete traditional martial art system. I have progressed from the basic forms to the martial applications and weapons. Each step expands ones knowledge and understanding of this art form. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn a martial art to try Tai Chi Chuan with Tom.

Alex Siemens
Abbotsford, BC
July 2013


Hi my name is Alex Siemens, and I love to run! I am going into first year university and run competitive track and field and cross country.  I decided to join Core fitness after hearing multiple times from my chiropractors, massage therapists etc. how well liked and successful the Core fitness program has been to the multiple athletes that they have helped. I love going to Core every week, because I walk out feeling stronger, not only physically, but mentally to! Core pushes me to my limits and beyond, to places deep down inside myself that I thought I could never reach. The trainers at Core Fitness are encouraging, inspiring, kind, and are not only your trainer but your friend. They get to know you personally and always ask how your day and week have been, and that’s a great feeling, knowing that they care about you not only as a client but as a person to. Core has helped me tremendously as an athlete. There unique and personalized programs, keep my body strong and balanced and free of injuries, and my mind set gets stronger and more positive with every session. I don’t think I have ever been so fit in my life. Core Fitness is an amazing place to consider if going through and injury or if you just want to get fit, as they not only focus on making you look and feel you’re best on the outside but on the inside as well. They focus on building confidence and stress the importance of believing in yourself, as there are no limits to what you can achieve. This year has been my best year of running yet because I had two very important aspects in my life, trust in God and the help of Core fitness. Thank you Core Fitness for teaching me that there are no limits to what you can achieve, you just have to believe. Core fitness is helps you reach your fitness goals in a way no other gym or facility can. I would highly recommend Core fitness and rehab to anybody! So check it out, I know they can help, they sure helped me.

Shannon Van Roekel
Abbotsford, BC
June 2013

My husband's back has given him trouble for 30 years. He worked as a framer for many of those years, a job compared to professional football or hockey for the stress it puts the body through. Referred to Core Club by his physiotherapist, Dan Bos, my husband was skeptical. He has tried so many things over the years, with little long term success. But at Core, he finally found relief! His back strength and physical comfort on the job today are a direct result of the Core Club and the strength training he received there. He encouraged me to start going after I wrecked my shoulder lifting our little girls. It took a few months of perseverance, but now I have increased strength in my arms and back and am able to embrace my job as a mom of 2 busy preschoolers.

Our daughter and her husband started going and soon after our son joined up as well. Each of them have had unique personal goals and are very pleased with the results they have obtained at Core Club. Thanks Tom and staff! Our family is so grateful for all your skill and training expertise!

Quinton Gibb
Abbotsford, BC
December 2012

Not all clubs are created equal.

I have always stayed fit but for as long as I can remember I have had back issues that would debilitate me 4-5 times a year constantly reminding me of what I can't do. I used to go to the chiropractor regularly to try to control my issues but it always seemed like I was treating the effects and never the cause. As a self-employed landscaper I cannot afford to have my body hinder my ability to do a physically demanding job. After trying another local gym, the one-on-one personal training I received seemed to overlook my issues and always wandered towards mindless cardio. After months of training, I did not notice an improvement with my key issues so I switched to Core Club. At Core Club, the first thing they did was assess me to find the root of my issues. They then tailored a program for me to work on my weaknesses and build them into strengths. It has been over a year now and the change with my back has been absolutely dramatic and life changing! I haven't gone to the chiropractor in the past year and feel that it is because of the range of movements I make at Core Club.

Erik Spady
Mission, BC
September 2012

At Core, my trainers really knew their stuff and they did a great job of helping me address my issues that were caused by a recent car accident. They also designed programs that allowed me to train at an elite level to help me prepare for my upcoming season in the CHL, all while avoiding anything that would aggravate my issues.

The staff there is very friendly and they coordinated directly with ICBC which made things easier to manage. I had a great experience at Core and I would recommend them to anyone that's looking for a place to get in shape or take their fitness to the next level.

Colleen McFadden
Abbotsford, BC
April 2012

I had always been physically active until I started a family. After several years of focusing only the kids and working full-time, I decided to begin making time for myself again. I tried a variety of trainers, classes and different activities only to find that I was continually injuring myself or not making progress. I called up Tom and came in for a comprehensive assessment including my personal goals from which a tailored program was created. What impresses me about Core is how knowledgeable the trainers are about what activities and moves were causing my pain and their methodical approach to gradual core and overall strengthening. I am inspired by the fitness levels and diversity of their clientele and how the trainers teach and motivate each client to push themselves in every workout. It has been 8 months now and I am strong enough to do almost any activity I choose including running again, masters swimming and trying out their CrossFit classes. Now I only suffer from the good pain and soreness after a great workout. Thanks Core!


Cathy Soper
Abbotsford, BC
October 2011

I successfully completed my backpacking trek across Northern Spain (and a little of France) having walked more than 700 km up and down a lot of mountains and hills and desert country.  Out of 31 days of walking 20 – 28 km a day I only had two days where my knees were a bit sore and I took some ibuprofen. I’m convinced it was all those crazy "Mae West’s" you guys (at Core) had me do.  Anyway – several so-called friends doubted I’d be able to do it considering a long history of knee problems but I did just fine – actually better than fine and I am stronger and fitter than ever. Without the work I did with you guys over the past year and a half I don’t think I would have managed.

Brian Lee
Abbotsford, BC
September 2011

I have found Core Fitness & Rehab to be the best solution for my own personal fitness. I have been receiving the benefit of their extensive knowledge and dedication for over three years. That is two and a half years longer than any other gym I have ever attended. There can’t be a much better testimonial than that. I am 62 years old, can bench press more than my own body weight, and have taken five inches off my waist!

Joel Primus
Abbotsford, BC
August 2011

Four months ago I signed up with Core Fitness & Rehab as a part of my rehabilitation program from a car accident. I have been active at an elite level for the past ten years and have worked with high level coaches and trainers alike. When I started training with Core my objective was achieve pain free workouts and regain my strength to pre-accident levels. I was blown away with the unique, evolved, diverse and challenging programs that Core prepared for me in addition to the level of expertise and commitment from the leaders of their fitness team. Not only did I rehabilitate quickly, my strength gains surged beyond pre-accident levels and my own personal workouts have improved for the plethora of new exercises taught to me.

I would recommend training with Core Fitness and Rehab to everyone from athletes to individuals in rehabilitation mode. It is a great program.

Tara Thorpe
Abbotsford, BC
July 2011

In early 2009 I suffered a repetitive strain injury at work. I was back to work in 2 weeks but having difficulty completing a days work and in pain half way through my shift. I went through 4 months of physiotherapy, massage, and chiropractor but the pain was no better, I was frustrated, depressed and had hit bottom. My massage therapist suggested I try Core Fitness and Rehab, so with nothing left to lose I started in July. 

I met Tom with low expectations, you see, I have Cerebral Palsy. The disorder affects both my legs and I had tried working out in the past but always gave up. I was unable to use the machines as others used them and did not have the range of motion or balance needed for the usual exercises. 

Tom assured me that he had seen many people in worse shape than I was and that I could do the exercises others do. I went to Core to strengthen my shoulder but Tom insisted that there were many other areas I could improve as well, despite my disability.  None of the trainers use the word can't and they NEVER take No for an answer. Tom assumed I could do any exercise until I tried it. If, with my physical limitations, I could not do the exercise, (and I thought I was off the hook and on to something easier) that never happened, he just modified it into something I could do and I continued on. Tom has the medical knowledge to adjust a routine to accommodate any limitations or health conditions. I always feel safe knowing the trainers are there to keep an eye on me and make sure I won't hurt myself. 

I have had some setbacks but I continue and I am steadily improving. I still have problems with my shoulder due to the repetitive nature of my work but the pain eventually went away. The amazing thing to me was all the other ways I benefited from working out. My balance and strength in my legs is so much better. My constant knee pain has disappeared and while I still trip frequently, due to the Cerebral Palsy, I do not fall as often and when I do the falls are minor. I am also able to carry heavier loads across longer distances without worrying about lifting them or loosing my balance and falling.

My only regret is not starting sooner. I really feel that if I had started this 15 years ago I would be in a much better place now.  I know it is a cliche but Better Late than Never!  I don't think I would still be working full time now, three years later, If I hadn't started at Core and met Tom, Shane and all the great knowledgeable trainers. They are always motivating and encouraging me to keep improving and that is one of the reasons I keep going back every week. I couldn't do it without them!

I have been seeing the same physiotherapist for 24 years and every time I would see her she would repeat "Are you exercising? You need to exercise, you will benefit from it."  I didn't believe her, I didn't get immediate results and gave up. Well she was right.........it only took me 20 years and rock bottom to realize it and she and Tom and all the trainers at Core are gracious enough not to say I told you so!

Terry Waterhouse
Abbotsford, BC
May 2011

In 2009 I decided it was time for a more focused approach to my personal fitness that had my busy schedule and my fitness needs in mind. I have found that at Core. The staff are excellent - friendly, knowledgeable and motivating. The difference in my overall fitness and health have been remarkable. I have set and achieved my goals many times. I ski better, hike better, sleep better, heal better. If you are ready to commit to a personal fitness routine you will not find a better place to train than Core.

Heather Autio
Abbotsford, BC
April 2011

First of all let me say that my idea of fun is sewing, knitting, reading and resting. I am not a jockette, a fitness nut or even someone with a great deal of will power to do what is good for me if I don’t enjoy it. But I had breast cancer in 2007.  After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation I needed to regain my strength before going back to work.  So in December of 2007 I started to come to Core Club twice a week.

The surprise (to me) is that I am still coming, twice a week, 3 ½ years later. (In the past any fitness plan I had lasted about 6 months at the longest.)  I still do not get the elusive rush that people talk about from working out, I still hate exercise.  BUT!  I enjoy coming to Core Club where they accept that I will never be a fitness junky and the staff and other folks who come at the same time as me have developed friendships.  I am stronger and have more stamina than I used to. The family feeling, humour, encouragement and acceptance keep me coming back.

Susan Cuthbert
Abbotsford, BC
April 2011

I joined Core in May of 2010 as a morbidly obese 62 yr old woman on the encouragement of a co-worker who had checked out a number of local gyms and trainers.  Core’s brochure posed the question “do you want to make a change in your life” and promised “better function for quality of life”.  The McAleese family have created an atmosphere and culture of acceptance for all no matter the fitness level, absolutely evident as members complete their individual routines side by side.  I realized that I was indeed becoming stronger month over month, so much so that in November when I needed to get winter tires installed, I was able to roll the tires up the basement stairs to the carport and lift them into the trunk by myself, then walk 30 minutes home and 30 minutes back later to pick up my vehicle.  Although simple tasks, ones that I am confident I would not have been able to do as easily the previous year.  Being at a place of greater inner strength, not only physically but emotionally, I felt ready to embark on a serious weight loss program in January of 2011; and while I have a long way to go to get to my optimum weight, thanks to the Core Club, being stronger and fitter is the catalyst to the resolve needed for success in this next phase of my life’s journey. 

Jenna Strange
Abbotsford, BC
November 2010

The people at Core are so friendly and very motivating. It’s great to finally meet personal trainers that genuinely care about your health, and cater to your body’s needs by personalizing routines for each individual. Thanks to the trainers at Core, I no longer feel pain in my knees, and they’ve helped to correct my posture too. Since starting with their personal training program, I’ve felt healthier and stronger than ever before.

Alex Chutskoff
Abbotsford, BC
September 2010

I have been training at Core for a year and a half, and am amazed at the progress I have made. I have been playing hockey for twelve years, and this year I will be attending the Okanagan Hockey Academy in Penticton, playing at the Midget AAA level. I owe a lot of my success to Core, under their guidance I have significantly improved my game on and off the ice. Comparing fitness test results from before I started training at Core and now, there is huge improvement. I feel stronger than I ever have before, and ready to compete at an elite level. All the trainers are great and I would recommend Core to anyone.

Yvette Lauziere
Abbotsford, BC
January 2010

My daughter talked me into viewing the specified exercise program that she and her 2 boys, ages 12&15, were attending. I realized how beneficial it would be to correct the problems I acquired with many years of physical work since I was a teen. I am now 63. I was on a program for a few months and was making progress when I had a bad fall and shattered my ankle and broke 2 leg bones. I could not put weight on it for 3 months. I have been at Core now for 2 1/2 months and can already use a cane and walk short distances. I will be returning to this wonderful training facility as I am positive that part of my recovery is due to them.

Jacqui Omichinski
Abbotsford, BC
January 2010

I have been going to Core for about a year now, and the improvements I have noticed are astounding. I am an elite softball player and have had many injuries over the years, including ribs popping out in my shoulder, knee surgery, back problems, pulled groin, twisted ankles, etc. I have suffered from ribs popping out of my right shoulder for 6 years and have had to continually go to physiotherapy to get things put back into place. My physiotherapist recommended going to Core to try and build up some strength and hopefully stop the ribs from popping out. After 4 sessions at Core, I went away to Houston, Texas for a tournament and came back feeling like things were out of place again. I went to see my physiotherapist to get readjusted once again, and found out that none of my ribs were out of place. After 4 sessions of Core, I had fixed a problem that had been bothering me for 6 years! I was completely amazed and have never had another problem with my shoulder since.

Tom, Shane, and JP have helped me to improve leaps and bounds and gain more strength and stamina to become a better pitcher. I have just been named to the Top 25 Players Pool for the Canadian Jr. National Team, and I honestly believe that I owe a lot of my success to Core. I would recommend anyone who wants to be in better shape, no matter what your fitness level is to begin with, to go to Core. It doesn't matter if you're a businessman, stay at home mom, or an elite athlete, Core will work to fit your fitness needs and create a program that is right for you. 

Rick Plumridge
Langley, BC
December 2009

After I had been retired from Delta Fire/Rescue for 4 years I realized that I was deteriorating physically due to inactivity. I worked part time near the Core Club and decided to give it a try. I am impressed with the quality of instruction and the commitment of the instructors. After I quit working again I searched near my home in Southwest Langley for a comparable workout place but was unable to do so. I still make the trek to Abbotsford twice a week to work out at the Core Club. I enjoy the friendly family atmosphere but they do make you work.

Dion Maxwell
Mission, BC/Chula Vista CA
December 2009

My name is Dion Maxwell and I am a member of the USA National Sprint Kayak Team. Core Personal Training or “Core Club” was a very big part of my training when I was first starting to excel in my sport at the age of 15. I trained 3 years under Tom and Shane, while Matt was my training partner. Those years are the ones that helped me break through to the elite level of training that I have continued in my travels. At this time I live and train in Southern California but whenever I am back in the Fraser Valley I try to come and do my training with them. Their expertise has been very helpful for me in my journey to become the best athlete I can be. Core Club is one of the best places I have trained and has some of the most knowledgeable trainers I have had the privilege of working with over my career.


Walter Hiller
Abbotsford, BC
November 2009

I’ve been exercising at the Core Personal Training and Health Consulting facilities twice per week since September, 2007. Tom McAleese has been a great Personal Trainer for me. He initially designed a custom exercise routine that matched my goals and fitness level. And as I’ve become stronger - and to keep things interesting - he’s varied and updated my program regularly. 

Through expert coaching by Tom and his staff, and consistent effort on my part, I’ve lost 17 pounds and 3.5” off of my waist. At age 57, my upper body is now stronger than it has ever been, and I feel great! So as an important segment of my fitness activities, I plan to continue working out at the Core Club. It’s a great prescription for maintaining and improving my overall level of health.

Sue Scobbie
Abbotsford, BC
November 2009

I have had car accidents and sports injuries and my body has hurt for years. I had got to the point where I was just simply learning to live with the pain. I truly didn’t believe that my body would be able to do a lot of the regular exercise that I wanted to, much less anything in the way of weight lifting or strength training.  I arrived at Core injured, frustrated, and pessimistic that they would be able to do anything for me.  Nothing I had done had really helped. I didn’t believe that someone could put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again. After strategically training my body to address my aches and pains and to strengthen and heal my muscles, Tom and the staff have helped me become stronger than I thought I could ever be.  I am very thankful and grateful to all the staff at Core; their encouragement and support has made me the healthiest that I have been in years.

Rob Watson
Chilliwack, BC
November 2009

Working out at Core Personal Training is like working out with friends who have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your fitness goals. I look forward to every session where a mix of positivity, inspiration and humour make their customized workouts rewarding and fun. I would recommend Core to anyone who is serious about achieving their rehab and/or fitness goals. When you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, Core Personal Training deserves your consideration.

Thank you Tom, Shane, and the rest of the Core Team for helping me achieve my fitness goals!

Rod Thiessen
Abbotsford, BC
October 2009

After suffering a herniated disc at work, I was told by several doctors that the only thing I could do to avoid a recurrence was to stay in shape and build up my core. A year and a half later I’m in the best shape of my life at 40 years old. Thanks to the educated trainers at Core Personal Training, I’m able to work out safely and effectively with custom routines specifically designed for me. I always look forward to going to the gym, knowing someone will be there to encourage and push me.

Adam Hobson
Mission, BC
September 2009

I have trained at Core Personal Training for each of the last three summers. The trainers there have put me through some of the toughest work outs I have experienced throughout my career. When I am home each offseason, I can count on them to keep me in peak physical condition.

To any of the elite athletes out there who are looking to improve, I highly recommend seeing the educated trainers at this facility

Cheryl Regehr
Abbotsford, BC
February 2009

I came into Core Club determined to make a change in my life. I had recently injured my back; I was feeling sluggish and was not at all happy with my recent weight gain. With plans of starting a family in the not too distant future I knew that something had to be done.

I found that staying focused was not as difficult as I had imagined with the help of the skilled and knowledgeable staff at Core. Now, after a year and a half of working out just twice a week, I feel so much stronger and I have much more confidence. My back pain is gone, I’ve lost 50 lbs. of body fat, and I feel better about myself than I have in a long time.

Thank you, everyone at Core!

Ashton Thebault
Chilliwack, BC
July 2007

I came to Core Club in April of 2006, after living with a spinal injury I had experienced nearly 5 years earlier. The lingering injury caused me to experience pain and headaches often, led to very poor posture, and often caused me to miss work days. I had an assessment done by Tom, and his knowledge and clear explanation made it easy to understand the issues I had developed, and how we could correct them, properly. I noticed results after working out with Tom and Shane at Core Club almost immediately.

Tom created a program specific for my injury, and it allowed me to strengthen the areas that were most problematic for me. Tom and Shane were very patient with me, and were very enjoyable to train with. They definitely left you feeling great after each workout!

Now, I have gained 30lbs of muscle, have a much improved posture and core strength, have trimmed my excess body fat and toned body! Core Club challenged me and made me feel I could strengthen my body properly and thoroughly to correct the issues I had developed. Without Core Club’s expertise and skill, I would have never been able to accomplish what I have.

John Richards
Abbotsford, BC
March 2006

For the last twelve months we (Abbotsford Community Services) have contracted with Core to provide personal and health training to our staff. Currently we have contracted for five different types of training programs. These programs are tailor made to expand and enhance our staff and clients’ health and abilities. The costs are very reasonable and easy on our budget.

We have witnessed a marked increase in the level of health and mental awareness of staff enrolled in these programs. The programs include personal fitness training, Tai Chi, and group fitness exercises.